Apple may use 'iPhone 6SE' name for this year's phone

A new report claims that this year's iPhone may not be dubbed the iPhone 7 after all. According to  (translated from German), supply chain sources report that Apple's next phone will be called the iPhone 6SE.

From (via 9to5mac):

Accordingly go Chinese manufacturer expects that the next Apple phone is named "iPhone 6SE". According to our information, packaging was also produced in the accessories industry, which are marked with the name.The iPhone 6SE would be the direct successor of the iPhone 6s, the source said. So far the Chinese manufacturer only speak in conjunction with the 4.7 inch model of the iPhone 6SE - for 5.5 inch model, there is currently no information. Consistently were here but only the name appendix "Plus".

While it would certainly be a different direction for Apple to take the naming scheme, it wouldn't really be surprising if this year's phone wasn't given the '7' moniker. The phone is said to hew closely to the design of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s, with changes including updated antenna lines and no headphone jack, and a new camera. The 2017 iPhone will reportedly feature many more substantial design changes, and thus Apple could wait until next year to release an 'iPhone 7.'

In another, separate report, noted leaker Evan Blass claims that the new phone will see a retail release on September 16, so it looks like Apple isn't straying from tradition in at least one aspect.

Joseph Keller

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