Best iPhone chargers

If you've got an iPhone, then having one of the best iPhone chargers is incredibly important, especially now that you no longer get one in the box when you buy a new iPhone. Say you've just bought a new iPhone 14, and you get it home. You crack open the box, only to discover, to your endless horror, that you've only got a cable and no new charging brick. You're going to need to grab one separately.

Thankfully, we've got you covered. we've scoured the internet for the best chargers available for your iPhone and put them here. They're in different categories as well, so that you can see exactly what you're looking for. There are Magsafe options, wall chargers, and others for almost every device. Just a couple of things to bear in mind before we get started. MagSafe only came into being with the iPhone 12, so any models older than that won’t support the MagSafe charging standard. Some of these chargers will require USB-C cables, so if you have an older iPhone and are still using your old cable, then you might need to upgrade that too. With that over, let's get started with the best iPhone chargers.

If you have many Apple devices, one of the best wireless chargers for multiple devices could be a better alternative. 

Best Wall chargers for iPhone

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If your iPhone is running out of battery and you’ve no way to fill it up, then grab one of these wall chargers on next-day delivery to juice it back up. Here is just a sample, but you’ll find more of the best on the list of the best iPhone 13 wall chargers.

Best iPhone car chargers

If you spend any amount of time using an iPhone in the car, you know how annoying it is if there’s nowhere to plug it in. Not all of us can afford fancy cars with USB ports and wireless charging pads, after all. If you’re looking for the best iPhone car chargers, these are some of the best.

Best Solar chargers for your iPhone

If you want to be as environmentally friendly as possible, then the best Solar chargers for iPhone are for you. There are wired and wireless options here, and they all use the power of the sun's rays to fill up your iPhone battery.

Best MagSafe charging stands

A MagSafe charging stand is going to mean that you can more easily charge your iPhone next to your bedside. One of the best Magsafe charging stands will do just that, and we've collated all the best together in one place. 

Best wireless chargers for multiple devices

These chargers are for when you've got more than just your iPhone around. If you need to charge all your devices, like your AirPods and your Apple Watch as well, then one of the best chargers for multiple devices is the way to go. These aren't just for all MagSafe devices here, either, there are options for standard wireless charging standards too.

Best iPhone travel chargers

When you're on the go, you want a charger that's compact and easy to pack. But you also want the versatility to charge lots of different things without having to take loads of cables with you. One of these chargers will let you charge all your devices in one place while you're on vacation.

Best wireless charging pads for iPhone 

A wireless charging pad is a great way to charge your iPhone without messing around with cables and plug sockets, just plop your iPhone down on the wireless charger and away you go. It's not quite as fast as cable charging or indeed MagSafe, but still a viable option on a desk or table. Here are some more best wireless charging pads for iPhone in 2023.

Best iPhone charging cradles for your car

It's always useful to have a car charger, and one that keeps your phone at a good angle for Maps or Music is especially helpful. These cradles will keep your phone at a good angle and juiced up while you're out and about on the road.

What does fast charging mean?

Fast charging is just that – it’ll get your phone back up to 100% more quickly. In more words and a little more complexity, it ups the current that goes into the iPhone, so that more amperage is put back into the battery. This can create extra heat, so don’t be surprised if your phone gets a little warmer. It is meticulously tested, however, so nothing will ever go past the expected parameters. It is totally safe and very, very cool.

Is wireless charging fast for iPhone?

Wireless charging is always going to be slightly slower than normal wired charging, but it has been brought up to speed in newer iterations. MagSafe brings this even quicker, and the current iteration is almost as fast as using a cable.

What is MagSafe?

MagSafe is the Apple wireless charging standard, and loads of its mobile devices use it. The iPhone 12 and up use the standard, as well as Apple Watch and some AirPods models. MagSafe surrounds a wireless charging pad with a halo of magnets that keep the charging puck in place with a satisfying ‘clack’. You can buy chargers direct from Apple, but third-party companies also make MagSafe accessories.

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