T-Mobile has added Apple Music to its Music Freedom, allowing customers to stream from the service without eating up their data plan. Additionally, T-Mobile is offering a new deal which can lock you into a $15 monthly payment for the upcoming iPhone 6s. Customers who switch to an iPhone 6 on T-Mobile using the Jump on Demand program before Labor Day can lock into a 16GB phone for $15 a month. Those customers can then upgrade their phone to the iPhone 6s when it is announced, and keep the same monthly payment.

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With the addition of Apple Music to Music Freedom, subscribers of Apple's new streaming service will be able to stream to their heart's content on the go, without using up all of their data. Apple Music joins iHeartRadio, Milk Music, Pandora, Rdio, Slacker, Spotify, and a number of other services that are already free to stream for T-Mobile subscribers.

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