iPhone survived 15-month stay at the bottom of a lake

What you need to know

  • An iPhone was found after spending 15 months at the bottom of a lake.
  • The iPhone was inside a plastic sleeve protect that took most of the damage.
  • After finding it, the iPhone was returned to its original owner.

We've heard countless stories about iPhones getting accidentally dropped into a body of water, and just when the owner feels like they'll never see their old iPhone again, they somehow find it. Well, it's happened yet again.

YouTuber Nuggetnoggin was scuba diving in a lake when he came across something he didn't expect—an iPhone. The iPhone (which looks it was a rose gold iPhone 6s) was inside of a protective water sleeve that is meant to protect it against water damage. However, it does not protect against drops, which is what the owner did.

When the iPhone was found, the plastic sleeve was covered in grime and dirt, looking as if it had been down there for a while.

After taking it out, the iPhone was taken out and tested and somehow it still worked. That being said, it wasn't like new. The iPhone does turn on, but some perspiration seems to have found itself in, possibly due to humidity.

But it worked, and Nuggetnoggin was able to connect the owner and return the iPhone to her. She said she was devastated when she lost it because she had thought she lost access to a lot of information including the last text messages exchanged with her father before he passed away. It's a touching sentiment, but we also feel compelled to advice her to use iCloud and backup her phone.

The iPhone spent 15 months underwater and lived to tell the tale.

Danny Zepeda