Absolute thinnest cases for the iPhone 6s

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Updated February 2017 to add new cases to the list.

Ultra-thin iPhone 6s cases are a great choice if you're looking for a product that doesn't distract from the beauty of your phone, keeping it thin and light and adding (at least) a bit of protection along the way!

There are dozens of options for super-thin cases out there, so we took a look at a few minimalist cases that'll add the least amount of heft to your iPhone 6s.

Here are the best and thinnest cases available for your iPhone 6s!


Incredibly thin, minimalist, and barely-there, the PaperCase from CrayCases is a super reliable option for your iPhone 6s!

Designed to hide smudges or fingerprints, and built to wrap securely and fit your iPhone 6s perfectly, the PaperCase is free of all branding and perfect for someone who not only wants a slim fitting case, but also a little additional protection around your iPhone 6s's camera lens: a slight bezel keeps your camera protected from scratches and scrapes.

Not only is the case super minimalist, but it only weighs around 4gs, making it ultra lightweight. You can pick up your PaperCase in gold, silver, space gray, and rose gold, so you can match your case perfectly to your iPhone.

Oh! And it's pretty inexpensive at only $15.99!

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Shumuri Slim

Shumuri Slim

The Shumuri Slim iPhone 6s case is incredibly thin and light, offering a great option if you want a minimalist-looking accessory for your iPhone 6s.

At just 0.3mm, the Shumuri Slim doesn't feel like it's adding anything to your iPhone's bulk but still manages to provide full-body protection from dust and small scratches — though it admittedly won't do much for drop protection. You might want to go with something a little tougher if that's your main concern.

But if you're looking for something super-skinny and stylish, the Slim's frosted texture comes in four different flavors: gray, clear, blue, and pink.

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Peel Super-Thin iPhone 6s case

The Peel's super-thin iPhone 6s case is a case so inconspicuous and tiny, it acts like a second skin for your iPhone 6s.

Logo-free with four color options that mirror the iPhone's own – silver, Space Gray, gold, and rose gold – the Peel's case is perfectly formed to fit your iPhone 6s snugly and securely. At just 0.35mm, this ultra-thin case isn't the most protective, but a subtle raised bezel protects the camera lens from scratches and bumps.

If you want something that'll have people questioning if you even have a case on your iPhone 6s at all, then Peel's super-thin case is worth checking out.

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The Veil

Thin and inconspicuous, the 0.35mm Veil is perfect for all the minimalists of the world who are tired of the unnecessary bulk and clutter of big, ugly cases.

You can pick up the Veil in either a classic matte black or an electric matte blue color, and with its lack of logos and glitz, The Veil is the perfect iPhone 6s case if you want something with a little extra pop of color but not too much clutter.

Like most ultra-thin iPhone 6s cases, the Veil isn't the most protective accessory for your iPhone, but a 0.7mm ridge bordering the Veil's camera cut-out prevents your lens from scratching while it's laying flat, and its precise design allows full access to all buttons and ports without taking the case on and off.

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Luvvitt ultra slim soft cover

You're bound to fall in luv with Luvvitt's ultra-slim soft cover for the iPhone 6s when you see how thin and form-fitting it is.

Designed with high-quality Japanese TPU/rubber, this ultra-slim case is only 0.6mm thick, making it the perfect companion for your iPhone if you're looking for something that acts like a second skin.

Luvvitt's clear case also comes with full access to all buttons and ports, so you don't have to take it off your iPhone 6s to charge it every night or run the risk of dropping it without the case securely on.

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Spigen AirSkin

With Spigen's 0.5mm iPhone 6s case AirSkin, you can keep the original shape, size, and beauty of your iPhone 6s intact.

Its hard polypropylene material is semi-flexible and securely fits onto your iPhone 6s for lightweight, bulk-free, and form-fitting protection. The case covers all sides for scratch protection, while a frosted finish delivers a translucent look for a sleek, minimalist style.

If you're looking for a case that's barely there, then check out Spigen's AirSkin.

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What's your pick?

Is there an iPhone 6s case that's so thin, it mid as well be plastic wrap? Let us know your top picks for the absolute thinnest iPhone 6s case in the comments below!

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