Bon Appétit shot its entire March 'Culture Issue' with the iPhone 6s

Culinary magazine Bon Appétit is the latest publication to experiment with iPhone-only photography, shooting all of the photos for its March issues on the iPhone 6s. The photographers hired for Bon Appétit's "Culture Issue" were told to shoot everything from photos of food to portraits of restaurant owners using Apple's latest phone rather than their normal DSLR cameras.

The magazine interviewed its photographers, Damon Gardner, Matt Haas, Cait Oppermann, Michael Graydon, and Nikole Herriot, about the experience of shooting with nothing but an iPhone:

Q: What was it like?Gardner: Usually, I feel like my camera is an extension of my hand. The iPhone was even more liberating: I was talking with subjects while shooting, and it kept everything really conversational and loose.Graydon: I've been a photographer for about 20 years, and I've been through 8×10 cameras, film—you name it. In the past, the bigger and scarier-looking the camera you pulled out, the more intense and professional you looked. Now, you have to let go of the ego you attach to the tool, and the iPhone is the ultimate expression of that.

Among the difficulties, the photographers cited a lack of manual controls over aspects such as depth of field and keeping light consistent. Herriot also noted notifications, which aren't an issue on a standalone camera, kept popping up and distracting her from the shoot.

While none of the photographers are planning on using an iPhone professionally again any time soon, a few of them expressed noted that they'll be using their phone's camera more often.

You can find the March issue of Bon Appétit on newsstands now.

Source: Bon Appétit

Joseph Keller

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