Tim Cook at FoxconnSource: Apple

What you need to know

  • Wistron assembles iPhones for Apple.
  • It already had two factories India.
  • The new plant will use local people for its management positions.

Apple partner Wistron has brought a third iPhone plan online in India, according to a DigiTimes report.

Wistron reportedly plans to start ramping up output in the country, with smartphones being part of that. The company already builds iPhone 6s and iPhone SE phones for the local markets, with the third plant to pick up additional production.

The third plant, located in Narasapura, will also undertake the production of iPhone devices initially, boosting Wistron's overall production capacity significantly in India, said the observers.

With Apple rumored to have an iPhone 9 announcement weeks away, it's possible that too could see production in the country although that's nothing beyond speculation. Foxconn currently builds Apple's iPhone XR in India as well.

The bringing online of the new plant reportedly happened more quickly than usual thanks to the efforts of a local team, with a trial having been run successfully in late 2019. Company chairman Simon Lin also says that locals will fill management positions at the new plant, too.

The construction of the third plant has been fast, thanks to collaborative efforts of local team, Lin said, adding that local talents will fulfill the jobs from the top- to mid-tier management at the plant.