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What you need to know

  • Japanese transport system PASMO now supports Apple Pay.
  • It also supports the more advanced Express Transit, too.
  • People can make payments without needing their devices to be powered on. No authentication is needed, either.

Apple Pay Express Transit is now supported by Japenese smart payment system PASMO according to an announcement that was picked up by the folk at MacRumors.

Now, for the first time, people using the payment system can use their iPhone and Apple Watch to make contactless payments. The addition of Express Transit is the icing on the cake, with no authentication required for the payment to be made. It also ensures payments can be made even when a device's battery is depleted, too.

PASMO is apparently interoperable with Suica, a similar transit system in the region that has already supported both of Apple's payment systems for a number of years.

PASMO is similar to and interoperable with Suica, a transit system that has been compatible with Apple Pay and Express Transit mode for several years. PASMO is accepted on a number of train lines and bus lines in numerous areas of Japan, although it is most prevalent in the Tokyo metropolitan area.

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