Blackberry next to an iPhone 4

The Wallstreet Journal is reporting that Apple has been poaching sales staff from RIM in order to better compete in the enterprise sector with the iPhone. Some of these converts have been high-ranking members of RIM's staff.

In the past 18 months, at least five members of RIM's enterprise-sales team have left the company to join Apple. This includes Geoff Perfect, who served as Head of Strategic Sales at RIM for nearly five years before leaving in April 2009 and joining Apple a month later as Head of Enterprise iPhone Sales, according to LinkedIn, the online networking service for professionals.

In addition, Joe Bartlett, Steve Marshall and Peter Decker from RIM all transferred over to Apple earlier this year.

Although Apple has been making recent headway with respect to the enterprise sector, they're clearly on a mission to step things up even more. But will taking staff from competition be enough?