Apple posts iOS 5 GM seed for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

As announced at Apple's Let’s talk iPhone event, the Gold Master seed of iOS 5 for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch is now available for download. Developers can grab the download via and start testing their apps out on it to ensure compatibility.

If you’re a registered developer go grab it now. If you notice any changes, drop us a line or let us know in comments!

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  • Hell yeah bitches
  • LMAO
  • Is it available OTA for developers?
  • No...only corded.
  • have not received ota yet...
  • BGR has a change-log posted...
  • where??
  • I wonder if Siri is included??? I'm downloading the beta now. Also, have to downgrade back to iTunes 10.5, beta 7 in order to install GM.
  • They did not include Siri with the GM
  • siri is 4s only. No one has 4s. Please dot make stuff up
  • Then how did MacRumors do a demo of it? It's in iOS 5 it's just disabled
  • for some reason when i downloaded i tunes 7 it changed my default language within iTunes everything else on my iMac is still english
  • Me too. WTF?
  • same happened to me. rolled back to previous beta version
  • Same thing happened to me... I typed in some of the words to see what language it is. Its Czech! WTF!!!
  • same here. anybody got a fix?
  • At last ios 5 final version Gold Master has been released. you can download it from dev center if you have developers account or download it from the link given below:-
  • Siri was not included in the GM
  • well I have GM now and it appears the microphone button is not included on the keyboard. that really sucks.
  • haha yeah..I missed that.
  • Anyone else install iOS5 GM and no longer have the tethering option?
  • I'm in Canada, and after installing the iOS 5 GM I no longer have the personal hotspot option either! sad!
  • how do you install ios 5.0 gm?
  • i know siri isn't included but what about the speech to text for text etc?
  • well I have GM now and it appears the microphone button is not included on the keyboard. that really sucks.
  • Apple iOS 5 Golden Master
    Although it wasnпїЅt mentioned during the presentation, Apple just made iOS 5 GM available to developers. This Golden Master update is as close as it gets to the official release of iOS 5, which will happen on October 12th.