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Apple pushes small firmware update to late-2012 Mac mini

Mac mini
Mac mini

Apple has started pushing out a firmware update for the late-2012 Mac mini, bringing along a fix for an issue that keeps USB keyboards from being recognized when the mini is woken from sleep.

Here's how Apple describes the fix:

This update is recommended for Mac mini (late 2012) models. This update addresses an issue that may prevent a USB keyboard from being recognized after the system wakes from sleep.

The update is fairly small, clocking in at just 4.8MB, and should be available from the Mac App Store, or as a direct download from Apple at the link below.

Source: Apple (opens in new tab)

  • Strange I never had that problem, but I'm using a apple keyboard now. I did have that problem shortly after I bought my mac mini late 2012 though. Even had to call apple support. Maybe its never happened again since my mac never sleeps now since its running a server in a way for iTunes content all the time.
  • I put my mac in sleep often. Every morning I deal with this issue. When I wake up my mac I have to wait for the second time to enter my password. This happens when I sleep my mac for long hours where as quick errands there is no problem.