Apple is ready to send you reminders and news about its iPhone 11 event

What you need to know

  • Apple is ready to send you reminders and news about its iPhone 11 event.
  • Just love one of its tweets and you'll get updated regularly as it announces products.
  • It's a cool way of keeping track of everything Apple announces.

Apple is holding its annual September event next week where it is expected to announce the iPhone 11 among other things. To keep you in the loop, Apple is offering to send you reminders and news of the event via Twitter.

Apple sent out a tweet that asks followers to "love" the tweet if they want "to get reminders and news around the #AppleEvent." Once you "love" it, it sends you a direct tweet about the event with the option to stop the updates, which is just replying with "#stop." The updates should come quickly and constantly on Tuesday as Apple unveils new products.

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In some rare occasions, Apple tweets out news before it announces it on stage.

For a while now, Apple has been sending updates via Twitter during its events. It's a way of interacting with customers, especially on big events where interest is at an all-time high. None are bigger than when it unveils new iPhones.

What are you most excited to see announced at the September 10 event? Let us know in the comments down below.

Danny Zepeda