Macos Big Sur Preview Safari HeroSource: Rene Ritchie

What you need to know

  • Apple today released a 'Device Support Update' for macOS Big Sur.
  • The update adds support for updating and restoring iPhones and iPads.

Apple today released a macOS Big Sur "Device Support Update" to Mac users around the world, although the update is what can only be described as minor.

Apple says that the update is all about adding support for restoring and updating iPhones and iPads and it's likely that the release adds new iPhone 13 and iPad mini-specific icons and literature for the newly-released products.

While far from the best Mac update we've ever seen, this is an important one that ensures all of Apple's new hardware is better reflected when connected to a Mac running macOS Big Sur.

It isn't clear how long macOS Big Sur will be the most current version of the Mac's operating system, of course. Apple's new macOS Monterey update is set to arrive any day now, although Apple is yet to give anyone any kind of date as to when that might happen. The smart money is on a release within the next few weeks, with Apple possibly holding off until the rumored 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro notebooks are also ready to be announced.

Those new notebooks will feature mini-LED screens for the first time while improved Apple M-series chips should also be part of the package. This is expected to be the biggest Mac notebook refresh in a while with all eyes on Cupertino to see what's next.