Apple releases first watchOS 2.2 beta to developers

Apple has just released its first beta of watchOS 2.2 for the Apple Watch, and registered developers can now download and install it. This beta release comes just over a month after Apple pushed the official watchOS 2.1 release. At this time, it is not known exactly what is new in this build, or what changes we can expect.

You'll need to be a registered developer with an iPhone running the latest iOS 9.3 beta release to grab this update. Once you've updated your phone, you can head to the Apple Watch app, then head to General and then Software update.

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  • The main change seems to be the ability to pair multiple watches with one phone, which will be handy for very rich people! From a developer's perspective the only new stuff that I can find in the header files is a new "WKInterfaceActivityRing" class, which is almost certainly a way for 3rd party apps to display the 3 coloured rings that appear on the Activity app. However the one method it has only accepts health details, so it may not be usable for other types of data, which would be a shame. It will be interesting to see how Apple intend developers to use it.
  • Bulk deleting text messages would be a nice addition. I can't stand the current implementation. It takes 3 taps to delete each message.
  • It's easy - just swipe down to get to the notification and press hard and long on the screen. You'll be able to remove all notifications in one tap.
  • I was referring to iMessage/text messages in the WatchOS iMessage app. Not notifications.
  • I'll heartily agree with the poster above about it taking too many taps to delete things. Plus the phone setting of removing the messages after the selected time doesn't seem to translate to the watch. Anyway, I'm curious what that "cup 1:06" compilation is in the banner image...
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  • iMessage/text message syncing has always been a bit strange for me. Plus if you delete a message off one device, it stays on the others, so they're never completely in sync
  • thank you i like is very good :D
  • The one feature I'm looking for, which has been available with the Pebble since it first came out years ago, is a notification on my watch that tells me I left my iPhone behind, at home, in the restaurant, etc. Since the watch does display a red rectangle with a line across it when I lose the Bluetooth connection, why doesn't it buzz me to warn me that my expensive iPhone is no longer with me? If this resonates with you, don't hesitate to ask Apple to fix this:
  • By "fix this" you mean "add this", right? ;)
    Then again, my phone nearly never leaves my pocket...
  • Some of us change their clothes once in a while-)
  • If you leave your iPhone behind, it was meant to be, because you don't deserve to have it. It just shows poor sync. Imagine your iPhone as a vital organ. Do you leave your heart or liver behind by mistake? No. You don't. Sent from the iMore App