Apple releases iOS 4.1 beta 3 for developers

You know the drill, if you're a developer and you want the latest, greatest iOS 4.1 beta 3 for your iPhone or iPod touch, head on over to Apple and get it.

No word yet on what, if any new features it might contain but we're still guessing we won't see anything too spectacular until Steve Jobs takes the stage for the annual iPod and iTunes event in September, and sh

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  • New notifications coming next month
  • Sure
  • @Matt
    You wish!
    Fix my proximity sensor and i'll be happy..
    Makes me wonder if they drag their heels on purpose so when they finally do release the fix, it's seems like a major feature!
  • At Charles... Agree... Did people forget about the proximity sensor???.. I drop about 6 calls per day because of this... Almost a month and a half with this phone and no fix..
  • For me it's just the embarrassment of talking for ages and realizing i've muted the call with my face.
  • Had to return mine because of the prox issue on both my original and my replacement. Lame.
  • The iOS platform has been relegated to "glorified app launcher". The UI needs to be comletely revamped!
  • They really need to fix proximity issue. Amazing how something that wasn't even a thought in the previous models gets FUBARed on a new model.
  • @bjorn. UI is fine. Nice and simple. You want widgets? Get an android phone.
  • The multi-tasking app selector is ridiculous if you have any more than 4 apps open. It just about defeats the purpose to swipe across the bottom row when you can just ignore the feature entirely and do things the old way.
    Also, there should be a "quit all apps" button in the app switcher too.
    And, fix the damn proximity sensor.
  • Proximity sensor is a software problem, they are using the same formula for previous gen phones.
    The new placement of the proximity sensor places the sensor directly over your ear now, and although the phone is pressed to your ear, the depth of your ear makes the sensor think that it's not being covered, thus the screen cutting on.
    You can test this by making a call and hovering your finger over the sensor at different distances.
  • I've hung up or muted two important calls today. This is beyond annoying. Since I am new to iphone I actually called a friend the first week I had it to ask her how to stop all the face hang ups and face mutes. She has a 3GS and had no idea what I was talking about. If I dont keep it mashed to my face it happens. So I can't turn my head while on a call or use my shoulder to cradle the phone. I find myself using speaker to avoid holding the phone to my ear all together. I can't wait till the fix.
  • @ Rhit... Agree.. There should be a way to quit all applications with just one tab.
    It's funny that when you are using the multitask bar all the rest of the screen is empty, shouldn't they take advantage of that and show the apps on the background using that space???? What good is opening an app from this bar ( when a bunch of apps are running ) when I just can go to the second screen of my phone and open it from there...
  • Yo, Steve.....buddy ol' pal o' mine. How about fixing the proximity sensor? I've given you the benefit of the doubt with the issues others have complained about. My patience is wearing thin.
  • I really hope they allow SMS specific tones, like for the ringtones & maybe new notification system. As far as the proximity sensor, I've have no problems. :)
  • No way will there be a new notification system on any 4.x release. If we are lucky that will be 5.0 same as SMS tone changes if we even get that. I agree with the proximity sensor though they need to fix it YESTERDAY!!!
  • Easy proximity fix: get a freakin' BT headset. Can get brand name models for as low as $15 on buy dot com.
    Oh, & can we pls stop acting like Android phones are perfect?! Their hardware & bundled software are by different companies & dictated by the carriers that don't have a clue about good design. Great to have a competing OS around, but you can bet there will be a major problem with an Android model or even the OS someday...every company has hiccups & plenty of projects/tasks to attend to that may prohibit immediate gratification of consumer gripes.
  • @Björn ... Thats right, Apple is missing something in their UI... it is great that we can use double tap on the home button to open multitasking while using an app, but it will be better that you can also swipe from bottom to top to open a multitasking apps container while you are in the home screens. Also if you swipe from top to bottom, then from the top can appear widgets or something useful. I mean we have a screen that swipes left to right and viceversa... we need another two "rows" one on top and another on the bottom of the home screens (the app screens)... until then iPhone UI is nothing else than an app launcher.
    No UI can beat the "minimize,restore,close" UI for multitasking... I dont want to leave running every app I close... a "close" button needed. Also a "quit all apps" button is a must!!
    Sorry for my english.
  • @Björn - very much agree... I've had iPhones since day 1 in 2007... While the user experience (response, fluidity) are second to none, the UI is getting stale... Folders are a step in the right direction but it's too little... Need more. Title bar pull down tray for instance. Better ways to separate apps and screens - not just folders, which are ho-hum in operation.
    @Rhit - agreed as well... I wish Apple's implementation of multitasking was like the JB app 'Pro-Switcher'... Which I found way more intuitive... Gave an idea of what was running, and didn't require apps to be specifically written to multitask, like is needed in iOS4 - which is not true multitasking IMO.
  • What chance is there that this beta will include any fixes for the PDF exploit?
    I really don't see how Apple can ignore this issue. Yeah, the sensors may not function, but a unwitting web download should be able to break thru the sandbox this easy.
  • @JimEjr:
    Easy proximity fix: get a freakin’ BT headset. Can get brand name models for as low as $15 on buy dot com.
    Can we keep it about the iPhone here, without you going off on an Android rant?
    First we had to buy a bumper, now we have to buy a bluetooth. We will probably need virus protection soon since the sandbox is broken too.
    How much are you willing to compensate for this device? When do you admit you got taken to the cleaners?
  • I sure wish Apple would have bought Palm and got the patents for their card multitasking implementations.
  • Anyone know what 4.1 b3 included as updates?
  • Is the battery life better than b2?
  • @Ronnie,
    Apple had Pages in iOS Safari before Palm used the almost identical Card metaphor in webOS so they likely wouldn't have a problem if they chose to employ it for multitasking.
  • Fix the Proximity Sensor!!!! Let me send pictures without auto rotating them to landscape. Add kill all apps button. Thats it and Im happy.
  • @ronnie
    apple doesn't need Palm's patents for that. What would palm do? Sue? Apple sues right back.
  • I bet there is a proximity sensor fix in Cydia before those appholes at apple get around to it.
  • 1 - Kill all apps
    2 - Rotate pics in photo app
    3 - custom MMS/SMS tones
    4 - Quick reply for MMS/SMS
  • 1 HIGHEST priority: Fix Prox Sensor. IMPOSSIBLE to believe this slipped past field testing. All iP4s have it. All. Damn, Steve...
  • I agree with the proximity sensor issue. It is a must fix even though I haven't had any real issues with it. But I am utterly disappointed that apple didn't implement some sort of quick reply reature. Really apple ??????? It's just sheer blasfamy. And it was the main reason I have recently jailbroken my iPhone 4. The bitesms is outragesly awsome. I don't know how I ever thought I could stick with the fast app switching as a quick txting method.
  • Don't mind my spelling plz. I was typing from iPhone.
  • 32 comments so far and not a single comment about iOS4 beta 3 . Um -- anyone looked at it yet?
  • strangely, the antenna problem is not even an issue in Singapore. Seem like it is only affecting US. could it be AT&T problem rather?
  • does any one know if Australia is having a problem with the antenna?
  • I have had no issues with either the antenna or the proximity sensor, here in the UK on o2, and neither have any of my friends and collegues. Are we just lucky?
  • Is AVRCP still in there? That's all that matters to me. (Disclaimer: I have never had the proximity sensor issue.)
  • T-Mobile UK and no proximity sensor issues but I can drop a bar or two with the death grip in weak signal areas, infact I get a random "No Signal" when I'm not even touching the phone! a simple lock/unlock tricks it back to 4 bars!
  • I think some of you are missing the point of the iOS. Sure, it may be considered "boring" after a while but the point is that it's easy to use. It doesn't take a bunch of crap that LCW is ranting about above. What would you have Apple do? Make it more Window Mobile like? WM is working on a simpler interface to try and save it's butt un the marketplace yet some of you would have Apple make a more complex OS. Or would you rather have all the pretty widgets and garbaged up Android screen? Why would Apple follow Android? Why not just buy an Android device if you think so highly of it? And I don't mean that in a crappy way. Just seriously, if you aren't happy with the iOS or Apple's direction, why not just get a Droid?
    It's not like the complaining does any good. Apple is going in their own direction and at their own pace and I can assure you they aren't combing the blogs to see what the small minority of iPhone users are complaining about. They have record sales of this device world wide and 95% or more of the buyers are happy with the device as is.
    If the proximity sensor didn't work, why would you keep it for so long and not just return it? There are so many smartphones out there now I don't know why anyone would keep the iPhone if they are having so many problems? They even waived the restock fee on this and still you kept it.
    Seriously, if you don't have an iPhone and are here just to Apple bash, then I feel sorry that you have such little to do with your life that you can blowing ranting about products you don't use. On the other hand, if you do have the iPhone and hate it, or can't live with the issues until they are ironed out, why haven't you moved on to the Android, or Palm, or WM, or whatever else you think is doing it better than Apple?