Apple Releases iPhone 3.0 Enterprise Deployment Guide

Daring Fireball is spot on:

The conventional wisdom at the moment seems to be that the iPhone is only a consumer device, but the conventional wisdom is wrong. Think about all the hospital/medical demos from recent iPhone events, for one thing.

We've said for a while here that enterprise and business aren't constrained to sales forces and corporate messengers. Hospitals are big. Schools are big. Entertainment is BIG. The iPhone, especially with iPhone OS 3.0 and the iPhone 3.0 SDK are formidable tools for deploying mobile devices and applications in a wider range of businesses than perhaps anything previously put on the market.

Wall Street might stay with messengers -- every job has its best tool -- but while Main Street is considering iPhones, and a lot of businesses on every other street might just be as well.

Check out the 80+ page iPhone OS Enterprise Deployment Guide PDF via (opens in new tab)

Rene Ritchie

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  • Rene, completely off the subject. But when will the iPhone version of TiPb be up and running again. It's been awhile.
  • Soon as we can. It's painful for us too :(
  • This is true. Not everyone is a corporate puke, like me. Beyond the industries that you listed there are plenty more. Think of a field insurance claims adjuster who can now go to a claim site with an arsenal of tools in his iPhone and take pictures, statements, videos and document their work. Think of a delivery van driver who can get Proof of Deliveries, document claims and get directions on the iPhone. And think of the in vehicle telematics that can be monitored using the iPhone connected to a port in the truck's dashboard. Think of the independent consultant who can communicate with their customers, manage their projects, bill for their time and even configure web-based software using their iPhone. Just 3 examples and I didn't even dig all that deep. Yes, the iPhone is as corporate and maybe even more corporate than the Crackberry. And I hear that it can be used for fun too.
  • Anyone who has used the calendar functionality (even of 3.0) and thinks the iPhone is corporate ready doesn't have any clue what corporate ready means. Until they can read free/busy information from people's calendars its basically worthless. Anyone scheduling people for a meeting without reviewing free/busy is a complete loser. BASIC core functionality still missing. This is NOT enterprise ready. I hope they get it right in the next release. Until then, as an architect at a Fortune 500 company, iPhones will not be supported on our servers.
  • Gues what JD, Apple just implemented that!