Mac Pro 2019Source: iMore

What you need to know

  • Apple releases rack-mounted Mac Pro.
  • Available for purchase right now.
  • It starts at a $500 premium over the regular Mac Pro.

When the Mac Pro launched late last year, you only had the option for a tower configuration that was designed to stand vertically on either wheels or legs; however, Apple did promise a rack-mounted Mac Pro was on the way and today it's finally here.

Rack-mounted Mac ProSource: Apple

The rack-mounted ‌Mac Pro looks pretty much the same as the tower configuration‌ except laying on its side. The handles have been repositioned to be on the same side as the "cheese grater". The rack-mounted version is designed to be deployed in edit bays, server rooms, and other applications where having multiple Mac Pros would be necessary.

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The rack-mounted version does carry a $500 premium meaning the cost for the base version is $6,499. Other than the fact that the case is configured for rack mounting, this version of the Mac Pro comes with all of the same options available to the standard model, with the same processor, memory, storage, graphics, and other expansion possibilities ready to be configured.

Rack mounted Mac Pro

Mac Pro (with rack mount)

The same powerful Mac Pro you know, now rack-mountable for use in professional settings.

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