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What you need to know

  • Apple has posted a new instructional video for the Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro.
  • The video was uploaded to the company's Apple Support YouTube channel.
  • It shows people how to use and customize their trackpad with iPadOS.

Apple has posted a new video to teach everyone how to use the trackpad for the new Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro (or any other compatible keyboard) with iPadOS.

The company uploaded the video to its Apple Support YouTube channel this evening. The video those who have a trackpad compatible with iPadOS how to navigate through the software, as well as how to customize the settings for their cursor. Apple, of course, shows off its new Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro for its training video.

"Connect a compatible trackpad to your iPad and learn more about gestures, navigation, and settings."

The video starts off with the basics, showing you how the cursor will appear when you touch the trackpad, and how the cursor will highlight each app as you move over them.

It also shows that swiping up with three fingers will bring up the app switcher and how swiping on the right and bottom of the screen activates slide over and the dock, respectively.

The video eventually moves on to show the different things you can customize on your trackpad in the Settings app. Users are able to make adjustments to trackpad speed, scrolling, tap to click, and how you prefer to secondary click.

For those who would prefer to learn by reading rather than watching a video, Apple has provided links for how to use a Bluetooth mouse or trackpad with your iPad and how to set up and use Magic Keyboard for iPad.

You can watch the full instructional video below:

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