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What you need to know

  • Apple started its September event with some stories from people who have benefited from Apple Watch.
  • The stories came from those training for the Olympics to those who use it for everyday life.
  • Apple has shared many stories of those who have been saved by Apple Watch.

Apple started off its September event right away with Apple Watch and kicked off the event by sharing some of the stories by those who have been impacted by the watch.

The first story focused on Ray, a Texas resident who received a notification on his Apple Watch that prompted him to head to the hospital. When he got there, the doctors realized he had gone into septic shock.

Enrique from Spain says that he uses that Apple Watch to get notifications and that the Watch has become an essential part of his day to day life.

Kate has dreamt to be in the Olympics since she was young but realizing that goal has been difficult with Type 1 Diabetes. Before Apple Watch, she had to manually check her blood sugar every 20 minutes. With Apple Watch and a device connected to her side, she is able to monitor it without checking it so often, allowing her to stay focused on her training.

In another story, YJ, who had high blood pressure and hypertension, was paying $2000 a month for medication. After getting an Apple Watch, they began tracking their exercise and health and, after 18 months, got rid of all of their medications and have been in the best shape of their life.

James was sitting in his living room when he received a heart rate notification that prompted him to go to the hospital. When he got there, he realized that he was in cardiac arrest and that, without the notification, he could have died.