Face IDSource: Rene Ritchie / iMore

What you need to know

  • Apple has shared three short ads to YouTube as it seeks to differentiate iPhone from the competition via recycling and privacy.

Apple today shared three new YouTube ads to its Apple UK channel as it aims to show how different iPhone is from the competition, The three ads, none longer than 14 seconds, focus on privacy and recycling.

The first ad is all about how Apple uses recycled iPhone aluminum to create the casings that turn into Apple Watches – something that Apple os understandably very proud of.

To take less from the planet, we take more from iPhone.

The second and third ads revolve around privacy, with Apple pointing out that it doesn't know what people buy when they pay using Apple Pay. Further, Apple doesn't have access to users' Face ID data, either.

Privacy and security with each and every purchase.

Face ID data is encrypted and protected on your iPhone.

Apple's launching of the new ads coincides with the beginning of a virtual CES. Apple famously ran billboard ads related to privacy all around Las Vegas, again during CES, last year.