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What you need to know

  • Apple has implemented a new policy for Apple Store try-ons.
  • Employees are being instructed not to encourage try-ons of Apple Watch and AirPods.
  • Only customers who specifically ask for the experience will be allowed to try the devices.

Earlier today it was reported that Apple is beginning to limit the number of customers allowed in its retail stores at a time. Those who visit the stores are being asked not to hang around, and employees are instructed to maintain distance from each other whenever possible. The changes to Apple's policies for its stores are attempts to further protect its employees and customers from the spread of coronavirus.

Now, Business Insider is reporting that Apple is taking another measure to protect employees and customers from the virus - Apple Stores are now being instructed to limit Apple Watch and AirPods try-ons. According to sources familiar to the matter, employees are no longer allowed to encourage customers to try on one of the devices, but customers are still allowed to if they specifically ask.

The move will have the biggest impact on the Apple Watch Studio, a table in Apple retail stores that lets customers pair any band with any Apple Watch to find the best combination for themselves. With the new policy in place, it will render that section of the store unused except for those customers who request a try-on.

This latest precaution joins additional measures that Apple has taken with its retail stores over the last weeks. For employees who exhibit coronavirus symptoms, the company is giving hourly (including retail) employees unlimited sick leave.

In other responses to the outbreak, Apple has closed all seventeen of its retail stores in Italy due to the coronavirus outbreak in the country and begun to cancel Today at Apple sessions in the United States.