Apple Store employees starting iOS 5 and iCloud training

Apple’s retail store employees are starting to receive training on the features of iOS 5 and iCloud. The information comes in the form of a screenshot from Apple’s Daily Download. The Daily Download is an Apple internal iPad application in the form of a newspaper; which is used to communicate information to its employees on a daily basis.

iOS 5 and iCloud are just around the corner--- it’s time to prepare for the next generation of mobile innovation. Over the coming weeks, we’ll be presenting a series covering everything you need to know to provide our customers with the best iOS experience. This week, learn some new features of iOS 5 and iCloud.

The fact that this training is only beginning now appears to support rumors that iOS 5 and the iPhone 5 will not make an appearance until sometime in October. Apple clearly states that the training will continue over the coming weeks so that could all fit together nicely.


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  • That's awesome! Can't wait to have both.
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  • I've got a feeling about september the 23rd. I'd admit I've got absolutely no evidence for this, it just sounds about right to me.
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    Nice try though... PRETTY convincing...
  • They did say the iOS 5 would be out THIS FALL , so why would anyone be surprised if it came out any time after Sept 21 ?! ;)
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