iPhone Can Do Whaaaat Apple StoreSource: 9to5Mac

What you need to know

  • Some Apple Stores have a new installation.
  • It's a wall full of iPhones and a synchronized animation.
  • Each iPhone explains how to do something different.

Some Apple Stores have a new installation, and it's made up of loads of shiny iPhones. Each of those iPhones has a different tip on its display, with a giant animation also synchronized across them all.

9to5Mac has shared some images of the new installation, made up of 20 iPhones.

Each of twenty iPhones mounted on a black backdrop highlights a different advantage of iPhone hardware or software. Synchronized animated video loops invite store visitors to tap and swipe to learn more. "Go from photo to video in an instant," reads one iPhone. "Set better screen time habits," offers another.

iPhone Can Do WhaaaatSource: 9to5Mac

If someone wants to know more they can scan the QR code beneath the display to visit Apple's iPhone feature web page. That page has also been rebranded with Apple's new "iPhone can do whaaaat?" tagline.

So far the new installation has only appeared at a handful of Apple Stores including Apple Fifth Avenue in New York City and Apple Palo Alto in Palo Alto, California. It isn't clear whether those stores are just the beginning of a wider rollout, or if the installation will only be seen at a very limited number of Apple Stores.

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