MacBook ProSource: iMore

What you need to know

  • Apple's T2 chip has been jailbroken, allowing people to change their Mac's startup sound.
  • Someone decided to change it to the PS5 startup sound instead. And the PS4. And PS3. and ...

The recent Apple T2 jailbreak means that people can now fiddle with Macs in a way that wasn't previously possible. One of those ways is to change the machine's startup chime because, well, why not?

And someone decided to make their Mac sound like every PlayStation ever made. Including everyone's favorite flop – the PSP. Check it out.

With the T2 Mac jailbreak it became possible to give the modern Mac a custom startup chime (last Mac to support a custom chime was the 1999 PowerMac G3 B&W). And now it's time to give the Mac the startup sound of each PlayStation from the PS1 up to the PS5!

As fun as this is, it does beg one question – what would you make your Mac sound like when starting up? I can't shake the feeling that my Mac needs to sound like a Star Trek phaser and I really don't know why that is.

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