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Apple testing iOS 4.3 multitouch gestures on iPhone as well?

According to some screenshots BGR received from an Apple source, it looks like might just be testing those currently iOS 4.3 for iPad-only multitouch navigation gestures on special internal iPhones as well.

Now the part about 4 or 5 fingers makes sense on iPad but on the much smaller iPhone screen it... seems a little cramped. BGR thinks their previous no-Home-button iPhone rumor could lead to a Palm Pre-style gesture area instead. Engadget, which believes the screenshots could be genuine, thinks iPhone 4 could have a bigger screen or it could just be placeholder text from iPad and less fingers will be required if it goes primetime.

I'm saying "if" because Apple has indicated the multitouch gestures currently in iOS 4.3 beta for iPad won't make it into the final release. So for now file this all away under "maybe" and "iOS 5".

Then tell us if you want it?

[BGR, Engadget]

Rene Ritchie
Rene Ritchie

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  • If it comes to iphone i hope its 3 finger gestures, i know people with bigger hands then me and they would hate to put all 5 fingers on that size screen.
  • two to three fingers would be good
  • 4 fingers sounds great actually. I would love a full on multitouch experience. I believe 3 fingers is reserved for 3rd party apps, so that is out of the question, but there is no harm in putting the option there..,
  • We can use up to 5 fingers, and the iPad can use up to 11.
  • I really want a 4.3" iPhone
  • Me too, I would settle for a 4.2 as well.
  • I love that this was published, yet it's not in the 4.3 beta 2. It does not exist, and the picture was edited.
  • Hmm no. I hope they don't make me use 4 fingers to do anything on the iPhone. This is would be cool on the iPad but the iPhone no. Maybe I can imagine it on a slightly bigger iPhone but with all the current gestures I think
    it may become cumbersome.
    Guesture area sounds cool to me but I really hope they don't remove the home bottom from the iPhone.
  • I find even using three figures awkward on the iPhone.
  • YES! I would LOVE multitouch and swipe gestures in the iPOD app!
    That would make switching tracks and albums MUCH SAFER when my iPhone is in it's dashboard cradle.
  • Gestures used like this don't work well at least from the jb ones i've used. Try playing a game and you could end up gesturing without meaning to. No doubt it'll take some doing on apple's end.
  • swipe gestyres seem to be intuitive..
  • 3 finger double taps and swipes are already used on the iPhone when the zoom accessibility mode is turned on, but I'm sure Apple could figure out a way of making other 3 finger swipes work with this mode off or when zoomed out.
    I certainly would have appreciated the option of swipe gestures over double clicking the home button for multitasking.
  • I am waiting for the iOS 4.3 hope there is up to the iphone 3G.
  • I must say, I was thinking that multi-finger left-right swipe was a good way to switch applications, years ago. ;) It would be the fastest way to switch apps in a most recently used order.
    However, eyes on the prize. Apple's UI metaphor for iOS is to create the illusion of direct manipulation of UI elements with your fingers. And great one handed use for the iPhone, iPod touch. Adding multi-finger functionality increases complexity and required two hands to operate. You'll be doing something that is context switch. The cost of this complexity looks appears to a neutral benefit in usability. It's very close.
    For iPad it's a win-win and could be the common usage. For iPhone, iPod touch, I think at best it is an option.