According to some screenshots BGR received from an Apple source, it looks like might just be testing those currently iOS 4.3 for iPad-only multitouch navigation gestures on special internal iPhones as well.

Now the part about 4 or 5 fingers makes sense on iPad but on the much smaller iPhone screen it... seems a little cramped. BGR thinks their previous no-Home-button iPhone rumor could lead to a Palm Pre-style gesture area instead. Engadget, which believes the screenshots could be genuine, thinks iPhone 4 could have a bigger screen or it could just be placeholder text from iPad and less fingers will be required if it goes primetime.

I'm saying "if" because Apple has indicated the multitouch gestures currently in iOS 4.3 beta for iPad won't make it into the final release. So for now file this all away under "maybe" and "iOS 5".

Then tell us if you want it?

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