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Fresh off the heels of press invitations being sent out for the keynote on June 3, Apple has just update their WWDC app.

The WWDC app isn't just for attendees of the conference. Everyone can download it and follow along to each day of the conference. The app contains on-demand video sessions that you can watch on your iOS devices or even Apple TV. The app also has session information for those lucky enough to attend, and this is also available from your Apple Watch too. The app also has resources, documentation, sample code, and related content to the available sessions, making it a vital tool.

wwdc app

Today's update doesn't overhaul the user interface drastically, as it retains the same look and feel from last year. However, it does add eight new neon-themed Apple logo icons. There are also 14 new animated iMessage stickers, including artwork from the keynote invitations sent out earlier this morning. A new feature is virtual queuing for labs, so you can save your spot in advance.

In previous years, Apple did award pins to those who used the app to check-in to the conference, as well as attending sessions that resembled stickers from the app. They could be doing something similar this year as well.

Whether you are attending WWDC 2019 or not, the WWDC app is a good app to download for anyone who wants to follow along to the festivities.

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