Apple Watch Series 2 FAQ: Everything you need to know!

The ceramic model of the Apple Watch Series 2 Edition.

Whether you're looking to update from the first generation Apple Watch or you're buying an Apple Watch for the first time, we've got answers to all your (wrist-) burning questions! Follow along for everything you need to know!

So there's a new Apple Watch? Tell me more.

Yep! It's called Apple Watch Series 2. It looks a whole lot like the first-generation Apple Watch, but it's got a load of internal improvements and a few external ones, too!

I heard it's waterproof; is that true?

Sort of. Apple updated a bunch of the internal components (including a new speaker design) to make Apple Watch Series 2 "swim-proof." That means it's water resistant up to 50 meters. In other words, you're A-OK to swim with it.

Apple Watch Series 2 Water Resistance

What about that new speaker design you mentioned?

As you may know, sound is vibration in the air. Speakers need to have a pocket of air in order to produce sound, but that's not great when you're trying to make a water-resistant device. Apple Watch Series 2 has a speaker that will push the water out of the speaker when you've completed your workout. Pretty nifty.

Is it any thinner?

Nope, the case looks nearly identical to the first-gen (first series?) Apple Watch.

Is it faster?

Way faster! It's got a second-generation System in a Package that makes it 50% faster. It's also got a new GPU for two-times faster graphics and a dual-core processor.

How's the battery life?

As far as we know, battery life will remain largely the same.

And I heard they've changed the display, is that true?

It sure is! The display is two times brighter. Apple says that makes Apple Watch Series 2's display the brightest display ever shipped on an Apple device.

What about GPS? Are the rumors true — are we finally getting GPS?

Yes! Runners, bikers, et al will finally be able to get in their GPS-tracked workouts without having to bring their phones along with them.

OK, that's cool and all, but what about new bands and cases?

Apple Watch Series 2 will come in a pearl-like white ceramic. Apple says the new ceramic case is four times harder than stainless steel.

Ceramic Apple Watch Series 2

As for bands, there are a couple new Hermés bands: a single tour band with a deployment buckle and a double-buckle cuff.

And what's this I hear about a Nike Apple Watch?

Well, it's called Apple Watch Nike+ and it's built especially for runners. It's got a neat new perforated band and the case is made of lightweight aluminum.

Alright, break it down for me. I need prices and launch dates.

Apple Watch Series 2

Your wish is my command.

Apple Watch Series 2: - You can pre-order on September 9 - Watch Series 2 goes on sale September 16 - Prices start at $369

Apple Watch Nike+ model: - Launches in late October - Prices start at $369

Apple Watch Series 1: - Prices start at $269 - By the way, the first-generation Apple Watch (now called Series 1) is getting the same dual-core processor as the Series 2 model.

Any other questions?

Did we miss anything? Do you have any other questions? Let us know in the comments and we'll be sure to get an answer for you!

Mikah Sargent

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