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What you need to know

  • An Apple Watch alerted authorities after a Benton County deputy drove off the road in a car accident.
  • Chasady Botteron went off the road due to a medical problem.
  • Her Apple Watch alerted authorities that she'd been in an accident.

A Missouri Deputy says her Apple Watch alerted authorities after she was involved in a car accident earlier this month.

KY3 reports:

A Benton County deputy is recovering well after a crash earlier this month, one during which her Apple Watch alerted authorities to the scene.

Deputy Chasady Botteron was driving home from work on Aug. 10 when troopers say she drove off the highway and hit a fence near Lincoln, Missouri.

Botteron says she doesn't remember much about the accident, save turning onto C highway and then getting "a really bad pain my neck". Next thing she knew, she woke up surrounded by people and noise.

Botteron had gone off the highway and hit a fence and appears to have been knocked unconscious. Thankfully, the incident triggered her Apple Watch's fall detection, sending an alert to authorities that she may be in danger.

Botteron was rescued by colleagues to whom she said she was grateful.

Apple added fall detection to Apple Watch Series 4. The company is expected to unveil a new Apple Watch Series 7 later this year, building on the Apple Watch Series 6, currently the best Apple Watch available, Apple will reportedly debut a new squared design with an improved internal processor.