Time To Walk On Apple Watch SeSource: Luke Filipowicz / iMore

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  • A Georgia man credits his Apple Watch for saving his life after its heart rate monitor encouraged him to get medical attention.

A man from Evans, Georgia, credits his Apple Watch with saving his life after his heart rate monitor encouraged him to seek medical attention.

As reported by WDRW:

It's a token example of technology becoming more and more impressive, but an Evans man's Apple watch was a lifesaver.

Keith Simpson, 43, has a wife, two teens, and a love of photography.

"I took up photography when I wanted to get healthier because it forced me to get out of the house and walk around," Simpson said.

But when he started feeling off one day in November.

Simpson says his wife could see how "flushed" he looked, and that he checked his Apple Watch to see what his heart rate was. Sure enough, it had dropped well below its usual rate, and after using a blood pressure monitor and the Watch from home, a doctor told Simpson to seek medical attention immediately.

Hospital staff found Simpson had seven blood clots that they were able to treat. Simpson apparently credits his Apple Watch for saving his life. In fact, to celebrate, his wife bought him a new one as an early Christmas gift a few weeks later. Simpson also emailed Tim Cook, stating "I've heard life changing stories of people using Apple products, I just never thought one of those stories would be me until it was".

Simpson even got a response from Cook, who said it was this kind of story that "inspires us to keep pushing forward."