Apple Watch saves woman's life after alerting her to critical heart condition

What you need to know

  • Anne Rowe says her Apple Watch saved her life.
  • One day, her Apple Watch began to warn her that she was in AFib.
  • It could have led to a stroke, but she had open heart surgery to fix the problem.

There's been multiple instances in which the Apple Watch has saved the lives of people because of its ECG feature. And even when it happens again, it never stops being amazing.

The latest person to have benefitted from the Apple Watch is Anne Rowe from Fairhope, Alabama. According to a report from Fox 10, her life was saved because of her Apple Watch.

Before her run-in with the Apple Watch, Rowe had been diagnosed with asthma. This explained the breathing problems she had been experiencing, or so she thought. However, it kept getting worse and then her Apple Watch, a Christmas gift from her husband, began to give her a warning.

"It kept saying that I was in AFib and at first I didn't really believe it but then I decided I would go to my doctor," says Rowe.

With the warning in her mind, she went to visit her doctor who confirmed that she was in AFib, or atrial fibrillation. In case you are unfamiliar with AFib, it is a "quivering or irregular heartbeat (arrhythmia) that can lead to blood clots, stroke, heart failure and other heart-related complications."

Even more alarming is that some people don't experience any symptoms and are unaware of the condition until they go in for a physical exam.

"I was a stroke waiting to happen and I had no clue," says Rowe. "I have no question that [the Apple Watch] saved my life."

Anne Rowe eventually had open heart surgery and replaced her mitrial valve and now has a normal heart rhythm. She continues to thank her Apple Watch for saving her life.

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