Apple Watch Series 5 best-selling U.S. smartwatch in Q2

Apple Watch under water
Apple Watch under water (Image credit: iMore)

What you need to know

  • Apple Watch Series 5 was the best-selling smartwatch in the U.S. in Q2.
  • That's according to new figures from Canalys.
  • Apple holds a 37.6% share of the market.

New figures from research firm Canalys suggest that the Apple Watch Series 5 was the best-selling smartwatch in the U.S. in Q2 of 2020.

A new report states that the value of the North American market remains stagnant despite rising shipments due to falling average selling prices:

The average selling price declined 11% to US$235 due to a boom in low-end activity trackers and 30% year-on-year growth for Apple Watch Series 3. Apple Watch Series 5 was North America's best-selling smartwatch, matching last year's Series 4 shipments.

North America was one of only two regions to experience growth in the quarter compared to the same period last year. Apple reportedly shipped 3.2 million units in Q2 of 2020, up on the same period last year and enough to net the company a 37.6% share of the market. The next closest competitor, Fitbit, by comparison only shipped half that amount for a 19.3% share. Canalys estimates state that on average in North America, Apple outshipped other major smartwatch brands by a ratio fo 7:1.

Apple is expected to release a new Apple Watch Series 6 as early as next week featuring upgraded internals, blood oxygen monitoring and sleep tracking thanks to watchOS 7.

With anxiety tracking for mental health monitoring also a rumored feature, Canalys says that moving into 2021 "medical-oriented devices will move certain products into an elevated tier, creating stronger differentiation between casual fitness and advanced health tracking."

Recently, stock levels of Apple Watch Series 5 have been in slow supply suggesting a release is imminent.

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