Apple Watch SOS saves lives — get to know it now

As much as I use my Apple Watch as a fitness tracker I'm continually reminded how much more there is to it. Beyond even Apple Pay, notifications, and Siri and HomeKit. It's only when I see things like this — the built in SOS feature from watchOS 3 literally saving lives — that I appreciate just how important having a connected computer strapped to my wrist can be.

From The Daily Mail:

Casey Bennett, from Laytonsville, Maryland, was driving home from school the night of April 6 when he was struck by another vehicle – sending him and his Jeep Patriot flying through the air.

Bennett, 22, found himself hanging from the driver's seat by just his seat belt, but his iPhone was too far out of reach to call for help.

However, he remembered the Apple Watch included the SOS Emergency feature – he held the side button down and contacted 911 for help, who were on the scene in six minutes.

If you're not already familiar with SOS, please take a moment and read this:

How to use SOS on Apple Watch: The ultimate guide

SOS exists on iPhone as well, and thankfully so. But Apple Watch has the advantage of permanency of place. It could be smashed or otherwise rendered non-functional, certainly. But, as long as it's working, you never have to worry about remembering which pocket, bag, or cup holder it's in, or if it got dropped or was sent flying away. It's right there. On your wrist. Where you can reach it. Always.

Right after WWDC 2016, my colleagues Georgia Dow and Serenity Caldwell and I discussed how important a feature SOS would turn out to be. I can't wait to see what Apple has in store for watchOS 4 at WWDC 2017.

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