Apple Watch Series 6 Aluminum Blue Case Close UpSource: Apple

What you need to know

  • Apple has a new Apple Watch ad on YouTube.
  • The video shows us how people have been using Apple Watches to help deal with health problems.
  • It's another video that drives home the point that Apple Watch is more than something that shows notifications.

Apple has shared a new video to its YouTube channel showing an Apple Watch video that was part of its "Time Flies" event yesterday. It shows us how people are using their Apple Watch to not just improve their lives, but potentially save them as well.

One example is someone who found themselves in need of costly medication related to hypertension and high blood pressure. They used Apple Watch to help improve their overall fitness and they no longer require any medication at all.

Hear stories of how Apple Watch has changed — and even saved — the lives of those who wear it.

Another explained how their Apple Watch noticed an oncoming heart attack, allowing them to seek help sooner than might normally have been possible. The video, in typical Apple fashion, tugs the heartstrings while making you want to buy something. It's another masterclass in advertising.

We've seen numerous instances of Apple Watches saving lives in recent years and the arrival of Apple Watch Series 6 and its blood oxygen sensor will only improve its chances of catching problems early.