Makoto Shinkai Behind The MacSource: iMore

What you need to know

  • Apple Japan has a new 'Behind the Mac' video.
  • It continues to focus on Japanese animation.
  • The video profiles Makoto Shinkai.

Apple has a new "Behind the Mac" video, this time shared via its Japanese YouTube channel. Similar to previous videos that focused on anime, this one profiles film-maker Makoto Shinkai.

As you'd imagine, the video tells the story of the creator's use of a Mac, beginning when he first started out and moving from his first animations to something that is now much larger.

The video is one of Apple's longer ones, running at almost five minutes. It's all shot in black and white, although the shots of animation are all in beautiful color.

Animation director, Makoto Shinkai. His story began with just one Mac encounter. Twenty years later, I'm still creating animations that amaze the world beyond the Mac. A story that is not yet in this world. Come on, you too.

I'm certainly not the last word on Japanese animation, but Apple Insider tells me that Makoto Shinkai has some big films to his name.

While best known for directing "Your Name," a critically-acclaimed anime film released in 2016, Makoto has worked on many features, including "The Garden of Words," "Someone's Gaze," "Children Who Chase Lost Voices," and most recently, "Weathering with You."

I'll get those added to my watchlist!