Mac Mini Feature TilesSource: iMore

What you need to know

  • Apple's M1 Mac mini has been taken apart on camera for the first time.
  • It confirms that there's nothing user-replaceable.

Apple's M1 Mac mini is now in the hands of people who pre-ordered and that means that we're learning all kinds of things about it. We already know that it's crazy fast and now we know what the insides of one of these things look like.

YouTuber "Brandon Geekabit" decided that the best thing to do with his iMac mini was to start taking it apart. Thankfully, the new machines look like it comes apart in the exact same way as the 2018 model. Which is to say it involves a ton of small Torx screws and a lot of unplugging cables. But it's worth the work.

This video obviously confirms for sure that there is no way anything is getting replaced by users. We knew that much going in. But it does also confirm that not having the DIMM slots means there is plenty of room inside this little thing. Could we see an even smaller Mac mini in the future?

Unfortunately, this teardown doesn't show us the M1 itself, but it does give us a good look inside the new M1 Mac mini. Maybe someone else will rip that headsink off for us!