James Blake Behind The MacSource: Apple

What you need to know

  • Apple's latest "Behind the Mac" ad is here.
  • The short video shows James Blake making music using a MacBook Pro.
  • Apple shows the singer working in Logic Pro X at home.

Apple's latest "Behind the Mac' ad is here and it shows singer James Blake doing his thing using a MacBook Pro and Logic Pro. But he isn't doing it in a swanky studio – he's doing it at home.

While the ad doesn't specifically mention it, we're to assume that Blake is stuck at home – in his home studio, no less – due to the COvID-19 situation. But Apple says we should "never stop making" and that's exactly the attitude Blake shows here.

GRAMMY® award winner, James Blake, takes us into his home studio as he works Behind the Mac to put the finishing touches on his latest song, "Are you even real." Editing, looping, pitching, and layering the track in Logic Pro X on his MacBook.

The full video runs for less than 40 seconds but still manages to get its point across in typical Apple fashion. Check it out and see what you can do with a MacBook Pro and some software. And a home studio. And some talent.