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What you need to know

  • Apple is reportedly working on a fitness class subscription.
  • It's said to be similar to services like Peloton.
  • It'll likely be rolled into Apple One as well.

Apple is reportedly working on another new subscription service, this time one focussed on fitness. According to a new Bloomberg report, Apple has new fitness classes up its sleeve.

The fitness class subscription would reportedly work just like Peloton, something that will surely set the hares running at the fitness company's HQ. Apple will also likely roll the new subscription into the rumored Apple One as well.

The company is also developing a new subscription for virtual fitness classes that can be used via an app for the iPhone, iPad and Apple TV, the people said. That service will be offered in a higher-end bundle with the rest of Apple's services. Codenamed "Seymour," the workout package would rival virtual classes offered by companies including Peloton Interactive Inc. and Nike Inc., according to the people.

Apple's upcoming launch of iOS 14 will already see its Activity app be renamed to Fitness, perhaps signaling that these new classes will live within that app on iPhone. Fitness would also need to be launched on iPad and, presumably, Apple TV as well.

The thought of Apple launching fitness classes that users can watch on their iPhones, iPads, and Apple TVs while having their Apple Watch track everything is one that makes tons of sense. It also gives Apple another service that adds additional value to a potential Apple One bundle.

Bloomberg says that Apple One will launch alongside iPhone 12. It isn't clear whether the fitness subscription is on the same timescale, however.