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What you need to know

  • Apple is getting ready to release a new services bundle.
  • It will be called 'Apple One', and could debut in October.
  • It will likely be a cheaper way to subscriber to Apple Music, News+, Arcade, and TV+.

A new breaking report from Bloomberg says that Apple is readying a new services bundle called 'Apple One'.

According to the report:

Apple Inc. is readying a series of bundles that will let customers subscribe to several of the company's digital services at a lower monthly price, according to people with knowledge of the effort, Bloomberg News reports.

The bundles, dubbed "Apple One" inside the Cupertino, California-based technology giant, are planned to launch as early as October alongside the next iPhone line, the people said. The bundles are designed to encourage customers to subscribe to more Apple services, which will generate more recurring revenue.

Adding more detail, the report claims that the bundle will feature different tiers with features dependant on price:

There will be different tiers, according to the people, who asked not to be identified discussing private plans. A basic package will include Apple Music and Apple TV+, while a more expensive variation will have those two services and the Apple Arcade gaming service. The next tier will add Apple News+, followed by a pricier bundle with extra iCloud storage for files and photos.

Customers hopeful of big savings will be left dissapointed however, as the report suggests the bundles are only designed to save users between $2 and $5.

Several previous rumors have all pointed to Apple's plans to release a services bundle that include Apple's TV+, Music, News+, and Apple Arcade platforms in one monthly, cheaper package. Notably code in iOS 13.5.5 made references to bundle offers and bundle subscriptions. Bloomberg reported back in 2019 that Apple planned to launch a bundle as early as 2020. Its most recent report is the first reference to a possible name for the service, 'Apple One', as well as a more specific launch timeframe.

It should be noted that the timeframe given is "as early as October" alongside the next iPhone, but this doesn't preclude a later release. It also isn't clear if 'Apple One' is the planned name for the bundle when it goes live, or whether this is only the name used to refer to the bundle internally at Apple.

The report further notes that Apple is planning to bundle other hardware and software services, for example a free year of Apple Arcade with an Apple TV.