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Apple's offering exclusive Apple Pay deals for spring

Today Apple announced (opens in new tab) in a promotional email and on the company's website that it has partnered with multiple companies to give you exclusive springtime deals when you pay with Apple Pay.

According to the announcement, if you use Apple Pay at participating online retailers between April 5 and April 18, you'll get discounts and special offers galore on products like household staples, patio furniture, shoes, clothing, and even travel bookings and car rentals (so you can start preparing for that much-needed summer vacation and refresh your warm-weather wardrobe, all while saving big). Here are the listed deals:

  • Adidas (opens in new tab) - 15% off all Apple Pay purchases
  • Boxed (opens in new tab) - 20% off your first purchase of $60 or more
  • GOAT (opens in new tab) - Up to 30% off the exclusive Springtime Sneakers collection
  • (opens in new tab) - 10% off all Apple Pay purchases
  • Headout - 15% off all Apple Pay bookings
  • Hotwire (opens in new tab) - $15 off $100 Hot Rate Hotels bookings
  • Jet (opens in new tab) - 10% off Patio and Garden purchases (max discount $15)
  • Saks Fifth Avenue (opens in new tab) - Free 2-Day rush shipping on all Apple Pay purchases
  • Spring - $25 off your purchase of $75 or more
  • Turo - $25 off all Apple Pay bookings

Note that these special offers are unfortunately only available to customers in the US.

If you'd like to take advantage of these deals but have yet to set up Apple Pay, check out How to use Apple Pay: The Ultimate Guide.


What are you going to splurge on this spring? Share in the comments!

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  • This may be a dumb question, but how do I sign up for these Apple Pay promotional emails from Apple?!? I never thought I’d have a problem figuring out how to opt IN for marketing emails...
  • So nothing worth a crap...