Apple's swipe keyboard refuses to spell out 'hot chocolate'

What you need to know

  • Apple's new swiping keyboard is having serious problems spelling out the word 'hot chocolate.'
  • Instead of properly spelling it out, it offers odd words like 'hoot chocolate,' 'got chocolate,' and 'joy chocolate.'
  • It doesn't matter the type of angle you use, it will not spell out the delicious hot beverage.

Apple's new swiping keyboard in iOS 13 has been one of users' favorite features in the update. While it makes typing a much more seamless experience, it still needs to iron out some of the kinks like spelling out a common word like 'hot chocolate.'

Currently, if you try spelling out the word hot chocolate using the swipe keyboard, it will not do it. The bug first came to our attention by a user on Reddit. Piqued with curiosity, we attempted to spell it out (using an iPhone 11 Pro on iOS 13.1.2) and could not spell out the delicious hot beverage.

Instead, we were presented words like 'hoot chocolate,' 'hot coconut,' 'joy chocolate,' and 'got chocolate,' but never hot chocolate. Its recommendations after the fact are not any better. 'Hit chocolate' and 'hoy chocolate' do not sound very appetizing.

This seems to be a bug affecting the swipe keyboard. It doesn't really struggle with other words, to the best of our knowledge, but this one seems to be stumping it. It's actually quite comical. Many users on Reddit also attempted spelling out the word but could not do it either.

Give the bug a try and see if you can manage to spell out hot chocolate using the swipe keyboard. Should you fail, let us know in the comment what words the swipe keyboard spelled out instead.

Danny Zepeda