Apple Watch Watchos7 Goal ChangeSource: Oliver Haslam / iMore

What you need to know

  • Apple has announced a new feature that's coming to watchOS 7 and it's long overdue.
  • With watchOS 7 installed, users will be able to change their Stand Goal and Exercise Goal.
  • The new feature wasn't announced when watchOS 7 was first shown at WWDC in June.

Apple's September special event came and went yesterday and it brought a ton of new hardware. But it also saw the announcement that watchOS 7 will ship today, quite out of the blue. We also learned of a new feature that Apple had kept under its hat – the ability to edit our Apple Watch Exercise Goal and Stand Goal.

This is the first time that the ability to change these goals has been offered up and, frankly, it shouldn't have taken this long.

Users will be able to change their gaols from within the Activity app on their Apple Watch, with settings available as low as 10 minutes of exercise and six standing ours.

Apple will release watchOS 7, alongside iOS 14, iPadOS 14, and tvOS 7 to the public later today. It's been through months of beta testing with developers and members of the public beta testing program, but the GM build was only released yesterday. If you're taking the plunge today, make sure you have a backup ready just in case!

Apple's watchOS 7 update will be available for Apple Watch Series 4, Series 4, Series 5, Series 6, and Apple Watch SE.