AppOnboard lets you create app demos without many resources or coding skills

AppOnboard is a leading development platform for instant apps and app demos that transforms complex apps and games into lightweight native experiences. Today, the company announced the launch of AppOnboard Studio. AppOnboard Studio allows designers to build an app demo without engineering resources or the knowledge of how to code. That's not all though, the team claims that this no-code tool also enables app demos to become shareable on social platforms and even text messages.

AppOnboard's co-founder Jonathan Zweig added, "Our easy to use toolset completely eliminates all barriers of entry to app development, whether it be the cost or availability of engineering staff or the knowledge of how to code. It is truly a product that takes you from art to app."

In order to create an app demo with AppOnboard Studio, you have to first import your creative assets, then design and build your app demo experience, and then publish your app demo. It eliminates the need to download an app in order to experience an app's features and content. This saves consumers time and resources by preserving precious available space on their devices. The fact that these demos can be propagated through social media means that you can also build a following by allowing everyone to experience what you're offering easily. Imagine seeing an ad for an app and then just using it right on Facebook or Twitter.

AppOnboard Studio is available today to everyone who registered for AppOnboard's early access program. However, you can also request early access by visiting the developer's website. It's unclear just how "easy" making your ideas into an app will be, but this is definitely a promising start.

Asher Madan