Apps of the week: Rise, MacTracker, Robot Unicorn Attack 2 and more!

We're at that time of the week again. Fresh from the iMore teams favorite media picks during the week, we're now back to the subject of apps, and some of which we've been using the most this week. We've got a few different games for you this week, along with something for your Mac, and something to help get you up in the morning. Let's take a look!

MacTracker - Peter Cohen

Apple has had a long, long history. The Mac product line alone stretches back to 1984 - that's almost 30 years. Along the way, there have been many milestones - new operating systems, new machines, new trends in computer design. All of them have been carefully curated into a really cool app called MacTracker, created by developer Ian Page.

MacTracker provides a clear and easy to use visual reference to every Mac that's ever been made, with thumbnails showing what they look like, details on manufacture dates, included software, memory and graphics, connections and expansion options, historical info and more. And it doesn't just cover Mac hardware - MacTracker also documents operating system releases back to Mac OS 2.1, iOS and OS X; Devices, including the entire range of iOS products, Apple TVs, and peripherals like printers and displays; and much more. You can even create custom smart lists like "Macs with a G5 processor" or keep track of your own computers, complete with serial number and warranty coverage info.

Dropchord - Simon Sage

My Leap Motion finally came in the mail this week, and bundled as part of the AirSpace app was a game called DropChord. I had played a bit at PAX East, where they had mentioned it was coming to iOS eventually too (though there weren't any demos there, unfortunately). Lo and behold, they managed a simultaneous launch for both iOS and Leap, which is awesome. The game is a pretty straightforward concept: players create a line that cuts through a circle by placing two fingers on the outside of it, denoting either endpoint. Players have to move their fingers around in order to push the line through goal points that appear for a limited amount of time, while avoiding cleverly-laid obstacles. Throw in a thumping soundtrack and some altogether electric visuals, and you've got a challenging, unique, high-energy game. I'm really excited to see the interplay between touch and touchless app ecosystems, and hope to see a lot more movement both ways.

Hundreds - Ally Kazmucha

I don't play a ton of games on my iPad or iPhone but there are a few that I continuously go back to and play occasionally. Hundreds is one of my favorites that I can pick up and play here and there.

The object is to tap and hold on the dots and get the count up to 100 but you can't touch any of the other dots that are floating around. The catch is that they grow in size whenever you tap on them so you have to quickly release them before they bump into something. The levels progressively get harder and throw new challenges your way. With tons of levels, I still haven't made my way completely through the game. It's a head scratcher and one that's sure to keep you engaged for a good while.

Limbo - Joseph Keller

Limbo, originally released for home consoles in 2010, is a fun little puzzle-platform game. The dark atmosphere, with its lack of color and music, sets the tone for a tense, engaging experience that's both punishing and rewarding. Make your way across several levels full of brain-twisting puzzles and odd creatures. Avoid giant spiders, evil humans, and the hazards of the world to make your way to your desitination. Also, you die quite a bit in this game. But with everydeath, a particular puzzle might be slightly easier. Something that had been hidden in shadow suddenly revealed. If you're looking for a short and sweet platforming experience, Limbo is the game for you.

Robot Unicorn Attack 2 - Chris Parsons

Robot Unicorn Attack 2 has landed from Adult Swim and it's just as crazy as the original. Build and customize your very own unicorn, selecting from different bodies, manes, wings, horns, trails and more. Choose between Team Rainbow or Team Inferno and compete on a unique level every day for prizes and the best part? Your unicorn can now fly! You need this epic time waster in your life, just go download it.

Rise - Richard Devine

Rise is currently being promoted as the App Store free app of the week, which gives you even more reason to take a look at it. Rise is an alarm clock app for the iPhone and iPad that looks beautiful, and if you have a dock at your bedside it'll double up as a fine looking clock as well. Everything is gesture based, so you set the alarm time by dragging your finger up or down until you reach the desired time, swipe in from the left or right to turn it on or off, and up from the bottom to access the settings.

Besides looking great, the thing I like the most about Rise is how it integrates with your iTunes library on your device. As long as you have the songs in your library, you can select one of them to be your alarm tone, and even set yourself a sleep playlist to play for a determined length of time as you drop off at night. Grab it while it's free, it's probably the best alarm you can get.

Richard Devine

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