100 apps that work with Siri Shortcuts

Siri Shortcuts on iPhone
Siri Shortcuts on iPhone (Image credit: iMore)

Since the release of iOS 12, many third-party developers have been updated their apps to support the Siri Shortcuts suggestions feature – now Siri can perform many actions in apps for you, just with a trigger phrase.

New Shortcuts for Spring

Apple has begun highlighting new Siri Shortcuts from popular apps, emphasizing new shortcuts from apps like American Airlines for checking travel details, Caviar for booking dining experiences, and Merriam Webster for the word of the day.

Beyond these lifestyle apps, new integrations for using your hardware include the new Spectre app for taking long exposures, and the Dexcom blood glucose monitor for diabetics – Apple seems to be highlighting how Siri can help in all aspects of your life.

These suggested shortcuts will either open deep into the app to show you something you were looking at, or if the developer has taken advantage of new Siri APIs, they can perform a task for you from within the Siri interface – many airline shortcuts take advantage of this extra information.

Once you've gone about your day and used the app, you should start to see these actions suggested by Siri on the lock screen or in Spotlight search.

Plus, if you get the dedicated Shortcuts app that Apple has just released, you can also add multiple of these and kick them off in order. Any suggested shortcuts included in your custom shortcuts will work entirely in Siri, which is a plus over some native Shortcuts actions that require opening the app to continue.

More support coming soon

Coming later this spring, you can expect Siri Shortcuts for four new apps as well – AirBnb, ReSound, Drop (for Bosch coffee machines) and Smarter.

You'll be able to check your booking information with AirBnb, but also access information like the WiFi password once you are there.

These future updates will continue to bring Shortcuts further into spaces where consumers can interact with Siri on a regular basis – integrations with smart devices like Bosch coffee machines controlled by Drop or the Smart Coffee Machine can be chained in custom shortcuts along with other routine tasks like turning on the lights in the morning or reading out the weather.

For further accessibility purposes, the ReSound app will allow users with hearing aids to quickly change their settings based on the surroundings – a "restaurant mode" trigger phrase added to Siri makes this super fast.

Apps that work with Siri Suggestions

Since there are so many Siri Suggestions available, we're creating an updating list of the best apps you can download to take advantage of Siri Shortcuts.

We're updating this list in batches, so there's always something new to try – check out the full list below, which includes the app prices and our quick summary of the new shortcuts available to use.

*Send us more at @iMore if you see any we are missing! Developers – contact Matthew Cassinelli if you want to share your app's Siri Shortcuts for this list too.