Get fit with Thor and Hulk with a new Marvel fitness program for iPhone

Marvel Move
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Maker of all movies superhero, Marvel, has this week announced a new app in collaboration with Six to Start that will feature an immersive storyline-based running adventure to help to get fit. 

Marvel Move is coming in Summer 2023, and will feature "top-tier talent" and all your favorite Marvel characters such as Thor, Loki, Hulk, and the X-Men. 

Marvel says the app is "the first interactive fitness adventure from Marvel, turning fitness journeys into an epic blockbuster that promotes overall physical and mental wellness." Marvel Move will feature alongside Six to Start's Zombies, Run! in a new ZRX app you can download on your iPhone

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Marvel Move will feature regular new workouts and an ongoing story, with options to walk, jog or run with "immersive, interactive audio narratives that will fully transport runners into the Marvel Universe." It will feature "thrilling Marvel-based storylines" where you are the main characters and can hit your fitness goals by supporting the characters "amid a selection of epic adventures." 

You can select the time and distance of runs, and the program even features "thrilling chases" for when you really want to get your pulse racing. It will also feature training programs for 5 and 10Ks as well as half and full marathons. 

The app will launch with five storylines, an Asgard 5K with Thor and Loki, and X-Men story, a Hulk story about running from the authorities, a Daredevil storyline, and a Doctor Strange & Scarlet Witch story guided by the Sorcerer Supreme himself. Where do I sign?

The new app is coming to all of Apple's best iPhones through iOS, as well as Android, and will be available from Summer 2023. You can sign up now for content in the run-up to launch and immediate access, with pre-sale signups already live. As you might have guessed by "pre-sale", Marvel Move isn't free and has a standard price of $74.99 USD per year. 

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