New Twitter Blue $8 subscription update rolls out — without its key features

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Twitter has started to shed its old skin under the new leadership of Elon Musk. The first big change for the platform is coming in the form of a new subscription, which takes the existing Twitter Blue subscription and increases the price with the promise of a Verified blue badge to every subscriber.

The update is now live for iOS, and the changelogs promise the new subscription in... some of its suggested  glory. However, it seems like the update has been prematurely released, with the features not yet available in the app despite the update notes including them.

Features missing from revamped Twitter subscription

Twitter recently saw a leadership change as Elon Musk finally completed his deal to buy the social media company for $44 billion. The immediate changes after the takeover seem to be a massive cut to the Twitter workforce, and a fundamental change to Twitter’s verification system. The latest Twitter for iOS update seemed to include the new Twitter Blue subscription with the paid verification badge, according to the official changelog in the app update notes.

However, upon updating, subscribers seemed to not gain any of the new features, especially the blue badge which was supposed to arrive with the update. It appears that Twitter pushed out the update prematurely, and the Twitter Blue in-app purchase price hasn’t been increased to the $8 price Musk had announced, either.

A new report from The New York Times claims that the actual rollout of this new paid verification has been delayed until after the midterm elections, which are due to take place Tuesday. Given the potential damage a change like this could cause, this delay seems like one of the smarter things we’ve heard from Twitter this past week.

The new Twitter for iOS update is live across the best iPhones right now, but hold your horses for the upgraded Twitter Blue for now, despite whatever that changelog says.

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