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What you need to know

  • Artbox gives you somewhere to put all of your kids' artwork so you don't clutter up your Photo Library.

If you're a parent of young children you'll be familiar with the unimaginable amount of art they generate. It really is quite amazing. And then you need to find somewhere to put that artwork. Some people stash things on their fridge door. Others take phones of said artwork and save them in their Photo Library. Neither solution is great, but there might be an answer in the form of Artbox for iPhone.

See, keeping all of your kids' art in digital form is definitely better than putting it on the fridge, but it fills your Photo Library up. Everything gets cluttered, but that isn't the case if you use Artbox – an app that lets you capture photos of the art along with notes and whatnot. And you can even set up profiles for your kids so you can easily see which one created which masterpiece. Genius.

Artbox is just what you've been looking for--a convenient and refreshing way to keep a digital record your children's art projects. No ads. No annual subscription.

School art projects? Lego masterpieces? Colored dinner menus? Tidy up the house by capturing your child's artwork and securely store it on your device. Your data stays with you and is never collected or stored on a server.

Create a profile for each child and record their birthday. Each project displays your child's photo, the age they were when they made their creation, and a description of the project and setting. You can browse projects by an individual, or use the Gallery View to see all saved projects.

Developer Ryan Klumph tells me he created this app because he needed it which means it's been dogfooded and iterated over time.

If you have young kids you really ought to check this out. You can download Artbox from the App Store right now for free.

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