Audio Hijack and all Rogue Amoeba apps on sale for a limited time

Rogue Amoeba is turning 15 on September 30, that's the date the company launched Audio Hijack. If you've never used the app, it's incredible and incredibly easy to use. I use it to record podcasts, make audio playlists from streaming video sources, and even record just the audio of entire movies so I can play them back and watch movies in my head (what, you don't do that?). From now until the end of the day on September 30, you can get Audio Hijack, plus any of their awesome audio apps, for 15% off.

That's not all.

When you visit Rogue Amoeba's celebration page, you can digitally "scratch" a boost card to unlock even more savings. My discount, for example, gives me 25% off instead of 15. That turns the $49 price tag of Audio Hijack into just $36.75. I almost wish I hadn't already got Audio Hijack. Not to worry, I'm using it on one of their other great audio apps like Fission or Nicecast. I still haven't decided which one to get...

The Savings Boost card will reveal a discount multiplier of 1.33, 1.67, 2. 3. or 4. That means, a few lucky winners will receive as much as 60 percent off of any of Rogue Amoeba's apps, which are AirFoil, Audio Hijack, Fission, Loopback, Nicecast, Piezo, and SoundSource.

If you own Audio Hijack or another Rogue Amoeba app, shout out in the comments to let everyone know how much you love them.

Lory Gil

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