Beautiful Bling That Can Add Wow To Your Apple Watch Band!

If you're someone who likes a little hint of bling – but not an entire wrist of bling – to go along with your Apple Watch, then check out these awesome little clasps, charms, and accessories that you can use to really showcase your personality (and add a li'l sparkle to your day-to-day outfit!)

Here are some beautiful bling-tastic options that can add that extra WOW factor to your Apple Watch!

1. Glitz, glam, GOLD (opens in new tab)

If you're looking for that hint of gold (opens in new tab) without lookin' like you're wrapped in it, then check out these stylish bands from bytten.

2. Flower Power! (opens in new tab)

Seriously bling-tastic and groovy (opens in new tab), baby!

3. Ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch charm bomb!{.nofollow} (get it? Like that Cherry Bomb song?)

Get 'em in gold or silver for a subtle hint of bling-bling. Your wrist will thank you!

4. If you live a charmed life (opens in new tab), then these charms are 4 u

Customize your unused watchband holes with these springtime charms (opens in new tab) from iPops charms.

5. CALLING ALL ROSE GOLD ADDICTS (opens in new tab)

Radical, radiant, resilient, real pretty rose gold charms (opens in new tab) for your radical, radiant, resilient, real pretty rose gold Apple Watch band.

6. For those serious about the bling... (opens in new tab)

Crystals? Check (opens in new tab). Glam? Check. Apple Watch on point? Check.

7. "You get the best of both worlds (opens in new tab)" – Hannah Montana

If you're someone who likes to wear your Apple Watch in another style (AKAnot around your wrist) then this charm necklace (opens in new tab) in gold or silver will give you that extra added bling you deserve!

8. Charms and gold and bling-bling (opens in new tab), oh my!

Say goodbye to useless hole space and turn your Apple Watch into a true golden charm masterpiece!

9. #WRISTONFLEEK (opens in new tab)

… with these super stylish Apple Watch charms (opens in new tab).

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