Wemo SwitchSource: Belkin / Zats Not Funny

What you need to know

  • An FCC filing has outed a new Belkin Wemo Stage HomeKit controller.
  • The controller is designed to run HomeKit scenes.

Belkin appears to have a new HomeKit scene controller in the works, dubbed the Wemo Stage. Outed by the FCC, the controller looks similar to the popular Philips Hue Dimmer but is designed with HomeKit in mind rather than having features tacked on later.

First spotted by Zats Not Funny, the controller appears to be designed with scenes in mind rather than as a switch for any particular light.

Thanks to the FCC, we learn that Belkin is poised to release the WeMo Stage Scene Controller. And, unlike the Hue Dimmer retrofit, the WeMo Stage is a purpose-built HomeKit switch. As in: no pre-existing functions are being replaced as button presses (short or long) are programmed. Of course, as the name suggests, Belkin intends this Bluetooth controller to be scene-based – more of a macro trigger than individual action, although both scenarios can be accommodated via the Apple Home app configuration.

The controller will come with an optional wall mount in the box and it's thought that users will be able to pick this thing up for around $35 when it comes to market. When that will be, however, we just don't know as yet.

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By allowing users to select scenes with a button press controllers like this make it easier to set multiple lights and other HomeKit accessories to a particular state with ease. Scenes allow multiple device types to be triggered including bulbs, smart plugs, and more.